Acewilber Films

Frequantly Asked Questions

Okay some of these questions are seriously stupid but I'm going to answer them anyway

Now to The Questions!

What Camera Do use to film Lego's and Live Action Films?
For Lego's I use a Sony HDR-SR12 Camcorder 120GB HDD same as Keshen8 & Forrestfire101 and for Live Action I use a JVC HDD Everio Camcorder it's actually my Big Sister Janney's Camera Watch Her on Chiquis & Raq-C and I Love Jenni a Reality Series Airing on Mun2 My old Camera was a Cannon handheld Camera but it wasn't the best quality.

What Computers or Laptops do you work on?
I use a Macbook Air Running iMovie My old computer was Windows Vista

What Microphone do you use to record you voice?
I use a Rock Band Microphone I got it in the game but you can buy it at a game store (like Gamestop) for about $30.00

What Programs do you use for Movie Making?
iMovie for video editing 
Gimp 2.6 and Microsoft Paint for Individual Framing
Audacity for Audio Editing such as Making a Person sound Like a Robot.

What Lamps do you use for lighting in your videos?
I usually use 2-3 regular desk lamps
Note: I turn off My Room lights and if I film in the day I use a bed sheet to cover my giant window.

What FPS (frames per second) do your stop-motion videos run at?
They run at 15 FPS.

How do add explosions and real gun effects in you videos?
I Looked at a guy's videos his Channel is called StubbsEffects

How to get Popular FAQS

How do you get so Many Subscribers and Followers?
I make good videos I do a little bit of copying but the rest is by me

Did you cheat to get subs?
No I don't cheat I like to earn my subscribers

Sub 4 Sub?
Of course not! I don't like to earn a subscriber because a person wants one I want to earn a subscriber because a Person likes my videos

How do you apply for The Youtube Partner Program?
Well I'm not a Partner so I don't Prefer Answering those kind of questions For those Questions Click Here!

Favor FAQS

Can you Voice in My Videos?
Well I'm glad you would like to have me voice in your video but sadly the answer is No
I'm not being Rude it's just I've voiced for other people before but they just used me for more subscribers so I have to watch out who I voice for and I really only voice to my closes Youtube friends and My Real Life Friends

Can I Voice in your Videos?
Pretty Much The Same Thing as The FAQ Before this but I pretty much just use my main people that voice for me but if I like your vids and your voice you can but qualifications are required

Can you send me Files Like Sound Effects?
No Way Dude

Can I buy your legos?
Are you crazy NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!